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Coming to Malta

Malta is mostly known for its sunny climate and great beaches. But the islands have so much more to them that offers great character as well. Delve into Malta’s history and its unique language, and immerse yourself in the many ancient cultures that have left their mark on this stepping stone in the centre of the Mediterranean.

How to Arrive in Malta

Malta has a great network. You can come to Malta by plane or ferry from Sicily. Most European airlines offer direct flights to and from Malta. You will also find flights from other airlines operating outside Europe.

Is a Visa Required when Coming to Malta?

Nationals of certain countries will need to present a valid visa when traveling to Malta. For further information, please visit here.

Can I travel with an ID Card or Passport to Malta?

This depends on the country you will be travelling from, as well as the airline procedures. We recommend that you contact your airline or the airport’s immigration department. Please note that your driver’s license, bank cards, and other similar documents cannot be used instead of an ID card or passport to enter a country.

Airline contact details may be accessed via the link below: https://www.maltairport.com/passenger/flights-landing/airlines/.

The Immigration Department may be contacted at airport.police@gov.mt or +356 2369 6127/ +356 2369 6189.

16-year-old passengers can only travel with their ID card with the written consent of both parents. On the other hand, if the minor is travelling with a passport, this written consent is not needed.